Here’s Why Kia Is The Biggest Threat to Mercedes-Benz

It's one of life's simple truths: automotive journalists get to have all the fun. You know it. Your friends know it. Your wife knows it. And now, I especially know it, because I recently got the chance to spend a few days driving the all-new Kia Forte. It was an excellent experience, and I strongly recommend that… » 7/30/14 3:35pm Yesterday 3:35pm

Getting Gas Is The Hardest Part Of Owning An Exotic Car

Most car guys are a little curious about the exotic car ownership experience. How does it drive on a race track? What does it sound like at full throttle in a long, glorious tunnel? How fast can you get it going on an empty highway? Well, those are all excellent questions, and today I've decided to ignore each of… » 7/29/14 3:30pm Tuesday 3:30pm

The Citroen C-Elysee Is The Worst Car I've Ever Driven

I recently paid $904.61 in order to spend a week behind the wheel of the worst car I've ever driven. It was a highly interesting experience, and I'd surely do it again, provided that my only alternate form of transportation involves getting dragged around for a while by an angry gorilla. » 7/24/14 3:05pm 7/24/14 3:05pm

The Craziest Unreliable Cars You Can Get With a CarMax Warranty

I've rounded up a few more exciting unreliable CarMax warranty-able cars for you to gawk at because the last time we did this you were all tremendously excited about the prospect of buying these exciting, historically unreliable used cars available with a long warranty. Prepare to get even more excited because I have … » 7/09/14 3:30pm 7/09/14 3:30pm

Here Are The Best Comments And Messages I've Gotten So Far

As some of you are no doubt aware, I am currently on vacation. This means I've interrupted my usual schedule of a) waking up late, and b) sitting around the house no pants on, just so I could spend thousands of dollars to fly half-way around the world, where I am a) waking up late, and b) sitting around the house… » 7/08/14 2:45pm 7/08/14 2:45pm

The Ferrari 360 Is The Most Reliable Car I've Ever Owned

It's an interesting moment every time I meet someone who recognizes me from Jalopnik. "Hey! You're Doug! From Jalopnik!" they always say. "The guy with the Ferrari and the CarMax Land Rover!" And then, in all their excitement to learn more about the industry, and all their eagerness to talk about cars, they invariably… » 7/02/14 4:28pm 7/02/14 4:28pm

I Tracked A McLaren 650S And Learned All Exotic Cars Drive The Same

I recently had the opportunity to drive the new McLaren 650S on a racetrack. Here's basically what happened: I put on a helmet, sat down in the car, strapped myself in, and spent the next 15 minutes silently praying I wouldn't hit anything. I also stole a McLaren headsock. » 7/01/14 3:59pm 7/01/14 3:59pm

A 50-Year-Old Regulation Stops Us From Getting Cool Headlights

I recently learned that Mercedes-Benz, official automaker of drivers who put tissue boxes on the rear shelf, has updated the CLS for the 2015 model year. This is great news, and I invite you all to join me in expressing our collective excitement by asking the following question: They still make the CLS? » 6/23/14 3:34pm 6/23/14 3:34pm

I Took My Ferrari To A Drag Strip In Rural North Georgia

I recently had the opportunity to drive my Ferrari in a highly competitive, precisely timed, serious automotive racing event. It was a quarter mile drag strip located in the kind of place where fishin' is an acceptable destination for a honeymoon. » 6/18/14 3:52pm 6/18/14 3:52pm

Guess What? Cheap Cars Don't Hurt Luxury Brands

I still remember when the original Mercedes A-Class came out and changed the world as we know it. The year was 1997 – and while I may have been just nine years old, I consumed automotive media back then at approximately the same rate as I consumed fruit roll-ups. » 6/17/14 3:25pm 6/17/14 3:25pm

Why The Dodge Charger Cop Car Is So Great For Speeders

I think it's safe to say that we all owe our police officers a huge debt of gratitude. They keep our children safe. They keep our streets secure. They deal with coked-out acid trippers who believe that electronic garage door openers are magic. And now, there's another reason to appreciate our fearless police… » 6/12/14 3:24pm 6/12/14 3:24pm

Here's Why You Should Watch The Smoking Tire's Movie

Occasionally, I get e-mails from readers with column ideas. A few of the more memorable suggestions include taking my Nissan Cube to a dirt track rally, doing a monster-truck style stadium jump in my SUV, and setting my face on fire so no one has to look at it again. » 6/11/14 2:25pm 6/11/14 2:25pm

I Said Goodbye to My Nissan Cube So I Can Move Across the Country

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm moving to Philadelphia. That's right: in less than three months, I'm going to pack up all my belongings and leave a city primarily known for violent crime in order to move to another city primarily known for violent crime, and also cheesesteaks. » 6/09/14 3:59pm 6/09/14 3:59pm

Would You Rather: Porsche Cayman S or Ferrari 360 Modena?

Today's column is devoted to a rousing round of Automotive Would You Rather?, featuring the following scenario: Let's say you have eighty grand to spend on a performance car. Would you rather buy a modern, mid-engine sports car with a long warranty, tons of comfort and convenience features, and all the latest gadgets?… » 6/05/14 6:30pm 6/05/14 6:30pm

Sorry, Automakers: You’ll Never Beat the Porsche 911

So I'm walking around cars and coffee the other day, minding my own business, taking in all the sights, checking out a row of Nissan 370Zs that look identical to one another except for the color and placement of their Stance Nation window decals, and that's when I see it: the Jaguar F-Type Coupe. » 6/03/14 3:56pm 6/03/14 3:56pm

I Took a Rented BMW M5 and Chevy Camaro SS to the Tail of the Dragon

Every so often, I get an e-mail from a reader that inspires me to stand up, put on some pants, and actually go outside. I received such an e-mail about two weeks ago, from a guy who wanted to see if I'd go with him to the Tail of the Dragon in a rented BMW M5. » 5/29/14 4:20pm 5/29/14 4:20pm

No, Your Manu-Matic Transmission Isn’t “Both” Manual and Automatic

I recently had the opportunity to chat with a Subaru BRZ owner. Hell, it may have been a Scion FR-S owner. I have no idea. No one can tell the two cars apart, except for the owners, who loudly admonish you when you get it wrong. "THIS IS A BRZ!" they scream, the angry cries of an underpaid IT worker who's finally… » 5/27/14 2:03pm 5/27/14 2:03pm