Here’s Everything You Need to Know About My Nissan Skyline GT-R

Last week, I revealed my newly imported Nissan Skyline GT-R for the very first time. This was an exciting, joyous event, and you guys responded by asking me so many questions that I felt like I was Neil deGrasse Tyson doing a Reddit AMA, and I had just revealed a secret love for cats. » 4/22/15 2:30pm Wednesday 2:30pm

I Imported A Nissan Skyline GT-R And Drove It 250 Miles Home

It’s finally here. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that’s right: after nearly three months of waiting, and transit, and customs, and preparation, my Nissan Skyline GT-R has finally completed its 10,000-mile journey from Japan to America. I’ve welcomed it with open arms, and also the occasional curse word when… » 4/15/15 3:00pm 4/15/15 3:00pm

Here's Why The Lexus RX Was The Biggest Loser In New York

It’s not about the styling. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it’s true: I’m writing an entire negative column about the new 2016 Lexus RX and I’m not going to say a word about its design; a design so bold and muscular that it looks like a midsize luxury SUV thug; the kind of midsize luxury SUV thug that would beat up other… » 4/07/15 3:00pm 4/07/15 3:00pm

When Is A Vehicle Really American?

Ladies and gentlemen, the end of the week is here again: it’s Friday, a magical, happy day, defined by Wikipedia as “the day after Thursday which precedes Saturday.” And that means the work week is over and now it’s time to sit back, relax, and enjoy a new Letter to Doug.

For those of you who don’t know it, Letters to… » 4/03/15 2:03pm 4/03/15 2:03pm

How Do I Convince My Wife To Let Me Buy A Fun Car?

Good news, everyone! Today is FRIDAY! Actually, it's now Tuesday, and I'm writing this like 11 days in the past. That's because I am currently on vacation in a country where Internet is reserved for a lucky few, such as cafes where they make you order a baba ghanoush to get the WiFi password. » 3/27/15 2:05pm 3/27/15 2:05pm

Here’s The Problem With Owning An Unreliable Luxury Car

As you read this, I am currently on vacation in Europe, a fantastic continent that I visit every so often in order to see beautiful sights, and eat amazing food, and flee all of my Range Rover problems. » 3/25/15 2:30pm 3/25/15 2:30pm

Should I Get A Certified Pre-Owned Warranty Or A CarMax Warranty?

Yes, good people of Jalopnik, it's true: Friday is upon us once more. The week is almost over, the weekend is almost here, and that means the time has come for Letters to Doug, the weekly column where I almost answer your automotive questions. » 3/20/15 2:10pm 3/20/15 2:10pm

Comparison Test: Original Mini vs. Original Hummer

I recently had the opportunity to drive an original Mini back-to-back with my original Hummer. This was a very unusual experience, and it felt a lot like that scene in Castaway where Tom Hanks is floating through the ocean on a raft made of sticks until he's rescued by a cargo ship the size of greater Baltimore. » 3/18/15 3:15pm 3/18/15 3:15pm